Groundbreaking at VGP Park Pamplona Noáin for MOBIS Spain battery assembly plant

VGP - logoThe VGP Group is developing and building a battery assembly plant in VGP Park Pamplona Noáin. The park is situated on the municipal territory of Noáin, close to the capital city of Pamplona in the region of Navarra, Spain, and will provide a high quality, sustainable and energy efficient battery assembly plant for MOBIS Spain Electrified Powertrain S.L.U., part of Hyundai Mobis, the global mobility solutions provider headquartered in South Korea. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Tuesday afternoon and the works are expected to be completed in the first half of 2025.

With a built-up area of 50.000 m² on a site with a total surface area of 147,700 m², VGP Park Pamplona Noáin will be located in Ciudad del Transporte, in the vicinity of Pamplona. The plant will be dedicated to the assembly of high-voltage (HV) battery cells for Volkswagen Navarra’s next electric vehicle (EV) platform. VGP Park Pamplona Noáin will feature dedicated modules for material storage, assembly, production warehousing, as well as utility and office spaces. It will boast advanced technical and logistical capabilities, alongside stringent environmental and quality certifications.

With an anticipated workforce of over 350 individuals at the VGP Park Pamplona Noáin plant over time, the project will bolster the socio-economic landscape of the region. Moreover, the focus on car battery production within the plant will not only enhance local industry but also advance the cause of sustainable mobility across Spain.

Similar to ongoing projects in other VGP Parks across Europe, including in Germany, Croatia, and Romania, where VGP is developing the infrastructure and environment to foster technology investments, this endeavor stands as a testament to the rising tide of European industrial investments. Particularly notable is the focus on industries related to sustainable mobility and the energy transition, marking a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable future.

As in all of VGP’s logistics and industrial projects, VGP Park Pamplona Noáin will meet the Group’s high quality standards and will be sustainable and energy efficient. The building will be equipped with a significant roof-fitted photovoltaic installation generating renewable energy and will be developed aspiring the BREEAM Excellent seal.

Quelle und Bildquelle: VGP NV